Our Vision, Mission & Values

The Naval Families Federation


Our vision

Our vision is for all Naval Service Families to: be able to have their views heard by those in positions of power; feel valued and be treated with fairness and respect; and thrive in their communities of choice.


Our mission

Speaking up for Naval Service families

Please click here to watch a short explanatory video about what we do.


Our values

We are:

  • Respectful. We value family members, whatever their link to the Naval Service, and recognise the important contribution they make by supporting their serving person. We are approachable, inclusive, non-judgemental, and ready to listen.
  • Constructive. We work constructively with everyone, recognising the importance of understanding the perspective of others, and seeking to act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Naval Service and other organisations.
  • Trusted. We offer a confidential service to people who contact us. We work to build and maintain the trust of everyone we work with and support.
  • Empowering. We want Naval Service families to have the best quality of life possible, and to have access to the resources they need to make good choices and to achieve positive outcomes.



The Naval Families Federation was set up at the request of the Government in order to allow the families of the Naval Service to have their voices heard.  We are funded through a grant-in-aid, which allows us to operate independently of the Government and the Chain of Command.  We have also received funding from Greenwich Hospital and from LIBOR funds for specific projects.

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