Armed Forces Covenant




What is the Armed Forces Covenant?
The Armed Forces Covenant recognises that the whole nation has a moral obligation to members of the Armed Forces and their families.

  • Service personnel and families should not be disadvantaged due to the nature of Service life. The Covenant is working to ensure that the Service community receives the same opportunities and outcomes as the civilian community. For example, if your family is posted to a new area partway through a school term, you may struggle to get your child into a local school. The Covenant is improving the situation by allowing schools to go over their maximum class size to accommodate Service children
  • For those that have given the most, such as the injured and the bereaved, the Covenant does make an exception. For example, the Covenant has established a scholarship fund for bereaved Service children.

Since the Covenant was published in May 2011, the Government, Devolved Administrations, stakeholders and partner charities have been busy. A number of commitments have been delivered, including introducing the Community Covenant and launching the Corporate Covenant.

Armed Forces Covenant Achievements

What Does the Covenant Mean to You?
The MOD has published information leaflets for serving personnel, families and Veterans, outlining how the Covenant can help them. There are also interesting case studies. If you feel you have been disadvantaged accessing public services, these leaflets will help to identify where to go to address the disadvantage. Click here to read the documents.

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Monitoring the Covenant
The Defence Secretary has a statutory obligation to report annually on the disadvantages faced by the Armed Forces community, ensuring that all future Governments will be held to account on the delivery and strengthening of the Covenant. Click here to read the latest reports on the Armed Forces Covenant.


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