Corporate Covenant

A Corporate Covenant is a written and publicised voluntary pledge from businesses and charitable organisations. It allows these organisations to express their support to the Armed Forces community, and commit to ways in which they can provide support.

Corporate Covenants include a core statement of commitment, which covers the key principles of the Armed Forces Covenant:

  • No member of the Armed Forces community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen
  • In some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate, especially for the injured or bereaved.

Each organisation is also encouraged to offer support in a way most appropriate to their situation. The pledge document includes a menu of options for organisations to sign up to, including; employment support for Veterans, Reservists, Service spouses and partners, support for Cadet Units, participation in Armed Forces Day, and offering discounts to the community. There is also an opportunity for organisations to add their own commitments based on local circumstances.

Signing a Corporate Covenant
A Corporate Covenant can be adopted by a business or charitable organisation of any size, and from any industry, whether it is an employer of a member of the Armed Forces community or not.

How will the Scheme be Monitored?
Organisations are encouraged to publicise their Corporate Covenant, allowing customers and employees to challenge its performance. Organisations are required to register their Corporate Covenants with the Armed Forces Covenant team, who will publicise the commitments on the Corporate Covenant website.

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