How Can the NFF Brighten Your Day?

How Can the NFF Brighten Your Day?

On the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the Naval Families Federation (NFF) is proud to announce the ‘Brighten Your Day’ project, funded by the Annington Trust.


We are grateful for our Armed Forces’ sacrifice to protect our nation and its interests. As we celebrate the end of conflict in Europe 75 years ago today, we are also proud to be in the corner of currently serving members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and their families.


Our community is resourceful and resilient. Families and partners juggle work, childcare, finances, home responsibilities and everything else during periods when serving people are working away or deployed.


During the coronavirus pandemic, we recognise that there is additional pressure on those Royal Navy and Royal Marines families whose serving loved one(s) are currently deployed or away from home as a result of COVID-19. The NFF has received funding from the Annington Trust to provide these currently serving families with resources to support their resilience, to enhance coping strategies and to brighten their day whilst apart.


  • This project is for serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines families (Regular & Reserve) who are currently separated due to COVID-19 or deployed on operations.
  • You will need to provide us with your serving loved one’s Service number for eligibility purposes.
  • The provision of resources is limited to one item per Service person. The provision of resources is subject to funding and availability. Should your item be unavailable, a suitable alternative will be sourced where possible.


Please visit this link to view the list of resources available and to read the full terms and conditions. Please click here to sign-up.


Posted on: 8th May, 2020