CDP Thanks Service Personnel for FAM Survey

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CDP Thanks Service Personnel for FAM Survey

Chief of Defence People Lieutenant General Richard Nugee has written to thank those Service Personnel who took the opportunity to complete the Future Accommodation Model survey.

“Thanks to everyone who took part in the Future Accommodation Model survey; it’s great that 27,997 of you took the time to complete it. My team are now working away to process the results. With so many responses that might take a few weeks, but we will try to let you know the results as soon as possible.

“A few people have given me feedback that some of the options given in the survey felt quite inflexible, and did not exactly fit your current circumstances or future proposed circumstances. This is true – sometimes the real answer to where you want to live will be “it’s complicated”! But the aim of the survey is to give us a “big hand small map” view of what 140,000+ of you would want to do. We will be combining this with other research, including focus groups run by pollsters Ipsos MORI, to make sure we understand all the nuances.

“The reason the survey was deliberately written the way it was is that we wanted to understand, through a series of stark options, the differences between specific choices. Some have suggested, on the back of this, that we have made our decision, and that the only options are the four options available in the survey. This is incorrect. No decisions have been made and your feedback is vital to the creation of realistic options.

“Inevitably it is very likely that the final decision will be a combination of aspects of the options rather than one or the other. I wish to reassure you that, whilst change has to be made, decisions on options will not be made until we have properly analysed and understood all the evidence we have collected.

“We will continue to keep you regularly updated on our progress; in the meantime, please do visit the FAM webpage” here.