Cinmi Walker – Bio

Cinmi Walker – Bio

Female portrait photo.Marketing and Communications Manager


Having joined the NFF in 2018 in a maternity cover role Cinmi was invited to remain on a permanent basis as the Marketing and Communications Manager.

Cinmi gained her BA degree in Communications and English Studies from the University of Portsmouth in 2015 and received her Master’s in Journalism, Media, and Culture from Cardiff University in 2016.  In her spare time, she is a content creator and blogs about beauty and lifestyle for fun. Her blog enables her to experiment and gain new skills, which she can utilise to help grow the NFF’s social presence.

Having been with her serving sailor since 2015, Cinmi has lived both the ‘weekending routine’ and the ‘married patch’ life.  She has great awareness of the challenges our RN/RM families are facing, and she is delighted to be in this role to support the community to which she belongs.