Naval Service Commonwealth Network

Naval Service Commonwealth Network

In March 2015, a group of Caribbean sailors from Portsmouth formed a network with the aim of providing support for each other and their families in the UK and abroad. The RN & RM Caribbean Support Network was set up by Caribbean sailors, for all Caribbean people and to provide a ‘home from home’ for those thousands of miles away from their normal support networks.


Since then, the network has evolved to be a much more inclusive Network – The Naval Service Commonwealth Network. The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 53 independent, equal sovereign states. Currently, there are just under 950 men and women from those states serving in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. Their contribution to the Service has been identified and endorsed by the Naval leadership thus the need for the group’s change of focus.


This Network serves to provide a collective voice for commonwealth personnel to raise awareness of their unique lived experience through the Naval Chain of Command. It also focuses around community awareness, sharing information, reviewing existing policies, and more. Together with support from the NFF, the network continues to signpost and assist families with more challenging issues. These can include legal advice for Immigration and Visa matters, access to short-term or surplus family accommodation and guidance for single parents.


Further Information
  • Please click here to access Naval Service Commonwealth Network’s leaflet.
  • Read more about one of the Network’s Families Days in Portsmouth here (Homeport Winter ’18, pages 44-45).
  • For any enquiries and/or to become a member, please email or join their closed Facebook group.
Posted on: 16th January, 2018
Updated on: 9th May, 2019