Confidentiality Policy

The Naval Families Federation relies upon trust to work effectively with serving people, their families, the Chain of Command and other stakeholders.  Confidentiality is key to the establishment and maintenance of this trust.


In the course of their duties staff may have access to high level policy and other information relating to the Naval Families Federation, Central Government, the Ministry of Defence, the Royal Navy Chain of Command and other stakeholders.  In addition, there will be access to individual case work for families, and other information and data including trending issues.


It is policy to retain complete confidentiality unless the organisation or individual concerned gives permission for disclosure, except in the following specific circumstances:

  • When there is a serious risk of harm to the individual, as in a threatened suicide
  • To protect others: for example information about possible child abuse should be disclosed to the relevant agencies e.g. Royal Navy Family and People Support (RN FPS).
  • To prevent a serious criminal act, especially where others might be endangered.