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Deployment/separation support

Q: My Serving person is going away soon, what support is available for our family?

A: 1. Our webpage here includes some useful projects/resources for families to tap into, including our parental absence resource, Books for All and Strengthening Families.

  1. Sign up to the RN Forum to stay informed, involved and in touch with the RN, supporting organisations and charities. Within the forum, you will find a space that holds bespoke information to support you before, during and after deployment. There is also an events calendar which contains information on Service-related events and activities such as the Family Welfare Grant days out.
Financial/legal Advice

Q: Can you Provide Financial/legal advice?

A: No, unfortunately we are not allowed to give financial and/ or legal advice as we are not qualified to do so. However, please do contact us should you need any assistance, as we will be able to signpost you to the appropriate organisation(s).

Future Accommodation Model

Q:  What does Future Accommodation Model (FAM) mean for me?

A: The way people live and work is changing and the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) reflects this, giving more choice to Service personnel and their families over where, how and with whom you live. This (approx.) 3-year pilot, launched in 2019, is a chance for the MOD to test the policy and the way it is delivered, before a decision is made about whether to roll out FAM across the UK. The FAM pilot is live at HMNB Clyde, Aldershot Barracks and RAF Wittering. Click here for further details.

Issues with your SFA

Q: I’m having issues with getting the repairs to my SFA resolved. Can you help?

A: Yes, we may be able to assist you and to explore the next steps. Please have your job number and address ready when you contact us.

Leaving the Service

Q: I’m considering leaving the RN/RM, what support is available?

A: The MOD have created a service leavers guide which can be found here: Service leavers’ guide – GOV.UK ( . Following this the NFF have produced a booklet to provide you and your Family with further information, you can download this for free here. This is also available in hard copy. Leave Well is a new strategy being implemented as a holistic through career, digitally enabled personal development ‘life skills’ programme. More information for this can be found in JSP 100 – Holistic Transition. Each unit has an education and resettlement team. You should contact them once you have handed in your notice or you are aware that you will be leaving the service. You can contact them directly; your chain of command should have the details if you are unable to find them. DTS directly support SL’s  RNRMC and RMA- TRMC have Transition support guides available. All contact details can be found on their relevant websites.

Long Term Relationships (LTR) and Service Family Accommodation (SFA)

Q: I’m unmarried but in a long-term relationship. Am I entitled to SFA?

A: You are eligible to occupy surplus SFA (if available) once your LTR is established and recorded on JPA. For further information on this, please check here.

Moving schools/ admissions

Q: I’m unable to get our child(ren) into a school due to our Service commitment, can you help?

A: Yes, the UK Education Advisory Team (EAT) provide expert and impartial advice for Service families. Only once you have written to apply for a school place and the admissions authority has written back to turn down your application, giving reasons, are you in a position to proceed with an appeal. EAT can advise you on this process, you can email them on

Pastoral support and SPP (England)

Q: I think my child’s school is not spending Service Pupil Premium (SPP) effectively, what can I do?

A: In the first instance, we suggest that you discuss this with the Head of your child’s school and, if appropriate, with Governors. There is a SPP Guide (England-Resources), which you will find in the Education section of our website; this has been produced to help schools understand what SPP is and includes some great examples of good practice. You will also find two booklets here about SPP produced by local authorities. If you feel the issue has not been resolved and you’d like to discuss this with us, please use the contact form above.

Relationship advice

Q: I’m going through a difficult time. Is there any confidential and free counselling that I can access?

A: Yes, through the Strengthening Families programme, RN/RM Service personnel and their loved ones can access Relate’s services free of charge.

SFA repair appointments

I’ve just had a missed appointment to fix a fault in my SFA. Can I claim compensation?

A: Yes, there’s a compensation scheme to cover missed appointments and significant issues at move-in for SFA and SSFA (Substitute Service Family Accommodation).