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The Naval Families Federation (NFF) exists to speak up for Naval Service families on matters of concern to them. In appropriate circumstances it also advocates on behalf of families who have struggled to resolve an issue.

The NFF operates outside of the Royal Navy’s chain of command. It is hosted as an independent, Grant In Aid funded organisation by Aggie Weston’s, a long established and respected naval charity.

Information provided by anyone contacting the NFF is treated in strict confidence and with the greatest respect. It is only accessible to members of the NFF’s staff (all of whom have signed a confidentiality agreement) and is held on a secure, encrypted database.  Your details will only be passed to a third party, such as CarillionAmey for Service Family Accommodation issues, with your specific permission, and only for the purpose of resolving your issue.

Any reports going to higher authority (for example, the Royal Navy’s chain of command) that draw upon information contained in the database will be generic in content, highlighting trends and themes rather than individual cases.

Your information is considered confidential except in extreme circumstances such as:

  • Serious risk of harm to you or to others around you.
  • When your behaviour presents a serious risk to the legal rights of others.
  • When staff have been placed in a position that compromises their professional integrity.
  • To prevent a serious criminal act; especially where others may be endangered, for example an act of terrorism.
  • To protect the operational efficiency of the Service. For example; an individual calling to say that his/her Naval Service partner has just gone to work under the influence of drugs that could compromise the security and safety of serving personnel and/or their equipment.

If NFF staff consider that, in these rare cases, confidentiality is not possible, they will try to encourage individuals to disclose the information voluntarily to the appropriate authorities. In such cases the individual will be made aware that the information provided cannot be kept within the confines of the NFF and that it will have to be shared with the authorities concerned.

The Naval Families Federation is hosted by Aggie Weston’s. Aggie Weston’s is voluntarily registered under the Data Protection Act: registration number is ZA077307.

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