Useful resources/ fun activities to do at home

Useful resources/ fun activities to do at home


As new measures and guidelines develop around COVID-19, we have put together a list of fun activities and useful resources specifically designed for the serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines families community.


Please also visit this page for updates from the NFF, Chain of Command and other stakeholders.


  • Reading books


    • The name Clare Shaw may perhaps ring a bell? The ”My Daddy’s/ Mommy’s Gone Away to Work” author from our book list has written an online book about COVID – 19 for children and it is available to download for free here.


    • Reading Force is a shared reading initiative for Service families. The charity provides free books and scrapbooks to Service children of all ages, in order to support and encourage Armed Forces families with shared reading both at home or when separated.


  • Competitions


    • Naval Service Family & People Support (NS FPS) will be starting a coordinated project called ‘Virtual Community Activities’ from 1st April. Each week within the official local Naval Service Community Facebook Groups there will be an activity for all ages to join in. These will include crafts, science experiments, cooking, quizzes, etc. Some activities will be judged and each finalist from each of our groups placed into a prize draw with the winner receiving an Amazon Voucher.


  • Downloadable content


    • Visit Little Troopers’ website to download their free activity sheets for your young person.


  • Staying active


    • Visit our guide here to access top tips to staying active and healthy.


Useful resources


  • Domestic abuse



    • Measures announced over recent weeks to tackle COVID-19 are essential to beat the virus and to protect our NHS. Staying at home is particularly challenging for people who are experiencing or feel at risk of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is unacceptable in any situation, no matter what stresses you are under. Find out more about how you can access help here. If you need urgent support, dial 999.
    • Please click here to access a safety planning guide for domestic abuse survivors.
    •  Click here to access a safety planning guide for children in isolation.


  • Homeschooling/ adult-learners


    • The Learning and Development Organisation have produced this PDF containing hyperlinks to resources for parents now home schooling, and adult learners.


  • Mental health support 


    • How is it going? Challenging times like so can affect our mental health. Help is available.


  • Relationship support


    • Relationships may face extra pressure during this difficult time. Relate offers Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families free access to their counselling service.
    • ‘Building Stronger Families’ portal is a self-directed online learning programme supporting naval couple and family relationships, which may also be able to assist.


  • Service charities


    • Here is a list of other Service charities you may wish to take note of.


Posted on: 26th March, 2020
Updated on: 6th April, 2020