SFA – Dealing with Damp and Mould

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SFA – Dealing with Damp and Mould

Amey Defence Services have put together a factsheet for dealing with damp and mould in Service Family Accommodation. They have suggested the following, which you may find useful:


1. Do contact the Amey customer service centre on 0800 707 6000 if you need some help with mould in your home. The Helpdesk advisor will raise a survey for the Accommodation Officer (AO) to attend the property – the AO is expected to attend the property within five full working days of the call to the Helpdesk. Please note: The day after this call is classed as day one.


2. AO visits the property and takes one of the following steps: a) Raises a suitable repair plan and advises the customer of the plan and time frames for the work. b) Calls in a specialist contractor and advises the customer of the appointment and what it entails. The AO passes the details to the Damp Remediation Project Manager.


3. Either a) happens – The repairs are undertaken, issues resolved. Or b) The specialist contractor suggests an action plan and the Damp Remediation Manager advises the customer of this and what it entails and any timeframes for the work. At this point, it may be necessary for to raise a Statement of Need (SON) for the works, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) will need to approve if the cost of the work is above £5,000 and the customer will be advised by the Damp Remediation Manager of the action, how long it will take, the impact of the work and any preparation they may need to do beforehand. If DIO approve the SON, the work will need to be appointed and the customer engaged with for suitable dates for the work to be carried out.


4. If DIO reject the request, the customer is able to raise a stage two complaint with DIO.


Posted on: 26th October, 2016
Updated on: 7th January, 2019