David Evans – Introduction

David Evans – Introduction

Deputy Chair of TrusteesPhoto of NFF Trustee David


David served in the Royal Navy until 1983 and from then on in the Royal Naval Reserve until 2015. His current role within Portsmouth City Council is the Head of Leisure and Sports Facilities, where he has delivered a new type of Leisure Management Contract ensuring greater value for money for sports facilities.  Prior to this he was the Seafront and Events Manager and the project director for D-Day 70 events in Portsmouth.  This entailed detailed engagement with Navy Command operationally and at a strategic level to deliver one of the best events Portsmouth has seen for many years and celebrating the only VIP’s of the year, the D-Day Veterans. Before that he headed up the commercial side of Portsmouth Museums Service, including the D-Day Museum. David has the also been appointed to lead for Portsmouth for next year’s 40th Anniversary of the Falklands conflict and Armed Forces day events to be held in the Portsmouth Historic Naval Base.

A Trustee of the Royal Military Police Museum at Southwick Park since 2008 David was previously a Trustee of HMS Warrior.

Formally he was the Chair of the Portsmouth Armed Forces Covenant Partnership.  Remains an active member of the amalgamated Portsmouth Southampton and Isle of Wight partnership.