The Future Accommodation Model (FAM) Updates (2019)

The Future Accommodation Model (FAM) Updates (2019)

The 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) committed the Ministry of Defence to make a new accommodation offer, to help more personnel live in private accommodation and meet their aspirations for home ownership.


The FAM pilot is under development to help the MOD understand better how personnel and their families will choose to live in the future and how they can improve the FAM. This 3 year (approximately) pilot is a chance for the MOD to test the policy and the way it is delivered before a decision is made about whether to roll out the FAM across the UK. If this is confirmed, the majority of bases will gradually transition to the FAM over the next decade or two.


On 1st April 2019, more information on the model has been released. The MOD has produced the following video to give you an overview of the FAM:



HMNB Clyde will be one of the confirmed pilot sites, starting from 20th September 2019. Under the FAM, entitlement to Service Family Accommodation (SFA) will no longer be allocated according to the rank of individuals, but will instead focus on the size of the family, promoting fairness and ensuring homes are fit for purpose.


All Service personnel, who have more than four years’ service in the Armed Forces and who are in a long-term relationship or have residential responsibility for a child will also be able to apply to live together in surplus SFA at all UK bases where properties are available. Please refer to the FAQ and leaflet below to find out more about cohabitation and registering long-term relationships.

The MOD has also produced several leaflets and info-graphics that can help you understand this update better:

FAM Leaflet - For personnel on pilot sites
FAM Leaflet - for all Service personnel and families
How to register & establish a long-term relationship
FAQ - Cohabitation for Surplus SFA
Road Map/ Timeline
Further Information


The Naval Families Federation welcomes your thoughts on this announcement. Please do contact us.


Posted on: 1st April, 2019
Updated on: 2nd April, 2019