Future Accommodation Model (FAM) Updates (2019)

Future Accommodation Model (FAM) Updates (2019)

FAM Pilot

The 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) committed the Ministry of Defence to make a new accommodation offer, to help more personnel live in private accommodation and meet their aspirations for home ownership.


The way people live and work is changing and the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) reflects this, giving more choice to more Service personnel and their families over where, how and with whom you live.  This 3 year (approximately) pilot is a chance for the MOD to test the policy and the way it is delivered before a decision is made about whether to roll out the FAM across the UK. If this is confirmed, the majority of bases will gradually transition to the FAM over the next decade or two.


On 1st April 2019, more information on the model was released. The MOD has produced the following videos to give you an overview of FAM:




FAM is now live at HMNB Clyde (from 30th September 2019). Under FAM, entitlement to Service Family Accommodation (SFA) will no longer be allocated according to the rank of individuals, but will instead focus on the size of the family, promoting fairness and ensuring homes are fit for purpose. For those living on, or assigned to, HMNB Clyde it is important to know that Single Living Accommodation (SLA) and SFA will still be available, with no SFA properties sold off because of the pilot.


If you are happy in your current SLA or SFA at HMNB Clyde don’t worry, you don’t need to take any action. However, if you’d now like to consider renting or buying a home in the local area with support from the MOD, FAM makes this possible:


  • Regular or Full Time Reserve Service (Full Commitment)
  • Based at HMNB Clyde with 12 months or more left on your draft, or have an assignment there of 12 months or more during the pilot
  • Have 4 or more years of Service


Application process

If you decide you want to change your current accommodation and you want to rent then you will need to complete an Accommodation Preference Form (APF) in JPA. If you want to buy a house then you do not fill out the APF, instead you’ll need to take your legal paperwork to your Unit Personnel Office (UPO). If you choose to stay in your current SLA or SFA then you don’t need to do anything.


If you are due to be assigned to HMNB Clyde, you can choose your accommodation in line with the FAM policies. You can submit your APF in advance of your start date.



Enquiries/ Contact details

HMNB Clyde FAM Cell:

Room 15, Argyll Building, HMNB Clyde

Tel. 01436674321 Ext 4474/3494

Mil. 93255 4474/3494

Long-Term Relationship (LTR)

It was also announced that all Service personnel, who have more than four years’ service in the Armed Forces and who are in a long-term relationship or have residential responsibility for a child will now be able to apply to live together in surplus SFA at all UK bases where properties are available. Please note that this is not part of FAM, but rather a new policy. This is not an entitlement to SFA. Find out more about this here.


The MOD and the NFF’s Homeport magazine have also produced several articles and leaflets that can help you understand this update better:

FAM Leaflet - For HMNB Clyde
FAM Leaflet - for all Service personnel and families
All you need to know about FAM (Homeport Summer '19, p.37-40)
Further Information
  • – What you need to know about FAM, including eligibility, what to do next and more
  • Discover My Benefits – Find out what you could receive in payments and allowances, if you rent or buy a home under FAM
  • More details on the full FAM policy – JSP464 Volume 4 (Full details will be published in Summer 2019)
  • News story/ Press release published on 1st April 2019


The Naval Families Federation welcomes your thoughts on this announcement. Please do contact us.


Posted on: 1st April, 2019
Updated on: 30th September, 2019