Foreign & Commonwealth Families


Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)
Always use a qualified immigration advisor in the UK these are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and you can search for an advisor on their website.

UK Border Agency
The majority of immigration and nationality matters are a personal matter between individuals and the UK Border Agency, so you are expected to use the UK Border Agency application process which includes complaints and appeals procedures. Click here to visit the UK Border Agency website.

HM Forces Frequently Asked Immigration Questions: From the UK Border Agency (December 2012)
There are specific immigration rules relating to the immigration status of those foreign nationals who have joined HM Forces and their dependants. This leaflet provides answers to the most common immigration questions from potential, current and former HM Forces personnel and their family members.

Foreign and Commonwealth Citizens
Click here to view up-to-date information for foreign and Commonwealth citizens and their families, from the British Army’s website. The dedicated page provides breaking news that is relevant to Foreign and Commonwealth personnel and families, information on finding housing, and links to associated organisations and support services. There is information specific to Fijian personnel and families.

MOD Website
Click here to visit the MOD website and their information pages for Foreign and Commonwealth personnel.

RN/RM Welfare
RN/RM Welfare are the Royal Navy’s welfare team. They support Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families by helping to prevent or reduce the effects of personal difficulties, especially those which arise as a result of Service life. An understanding of the complexities of Service life and its effects are central to the understanding and ethos of the agency.  RN/RM Welfare offer advice, counselling and advocacy on a wide variety of issues.

If you have a Welfare-related issue you can call RN/RM Welfare direct on +44(0)2392 728777.

Further Questions
If you have further questions please, in the first instance, ask your Divisional Officer or Unit HR Staff. If you have an question or issue you are struggling to resolve you can contact the NFF and we will look into your question or issue on your behalf.

Immigration and Nationality Guide:

Issues of Potential Interest to Foreign and Commonwealth Nationals Serving in the Naval Service
The Navy Command Terms of Service Team have produced an information guide for Foreign and Commonwealth (F&C) Nationals serving in the Royal Navy, on immigration and nationality issues. There is a lot of information widely available on these matters; the guide aims to bring together as much of the information as possible.

The document provides information, clarification and guidance for F&C nationals, and signposts to other sources of advice and information. It will be updated regularly but is not designed to override standing instructions in JSPs, Naval BRs or UK Border Agency (UKBA) documents. Instead, it is a snapshot of where things stand on the date of publication.

The guide covers the following topics:

  • Navy Command Focal Point for Immigration and Nationality Issues
  • Entry into the Naval Service by Non-British F&C Personnel
  • Issue of Passports, Visas and Opportunities for Settlement and/or Citizenship – Naval Service F&C Personnel
  • Need for Visas/NATO Travel Orders
  • Issue of Visas and Opportunities for Entry, Settlement and/or Citizenship – Families of Naval Service Personnel
  • Service Personnel Command Paper – Improvements to Immigration & Nationality Matters for Foreign & Commonwealth Citizens & their Families
  • Pay and Allowance Issues Affecting Naval Service F&C Personnel
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Accommodation

The guide is available to personnel on the Defence Intranet.

Tri Service Fiji Support Network

Fiji Support NetworkThe Tri Service Fiji Support Network (FSN) was launched in July 2010. The Network acts as a channel for communication between the MOD and serving Fijians.

It is the signpost for the Fijian community on policies, information and regulations that affect them as Foreign & Commonwealth (F&C) Servicemen. It is a social network for Fijian Servicemen and their families, providing a platform for communication within the community and offering advice on the way forward.

The FSN will not replicate the functions of the existing Welfare Organisations and the Chain of Command, but will work hand in hand, offing advice on Fijian cultural and protocol issues. A website will be established in due course to act as the main medium of communication, spreading the word to the Fijian Community.

The points of contact are: