Everyday life is full of ups and downs, and Service family life can often throw additional concerns your way. In this section of the website we have collated the contact details of a number of external welfare agencies, who offer advice and support on a wide range of family issues.

The issues that can affect a family are numerous; this section merely aims to provide you with some general guidance to help you source the most appropriate support agency for your individual concern. If you have a particular concern about communications, housing, education, health, money or travel & relocation, please see the appropriate section on the main menu to view specific information on these issues.

Deployment is a common cause of stress within Service families. In this section we detail what to expect when a family member is sent on deployment, offer practical advice on coping, provide tips on keeping the household functioning as normally as possible and list some useful contacts.

If you are experiencing a problem and need to speak to someone, you may wish to seek advice or help from a number of different areas of expertise. RN Chaplains can offer confidential and expert advice, whilst RN/RM Welfare offers counseling, advocacy and advice on a wide variety of issues. RN/RM Welfare supports Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families by helping to prevent or reduce the effects of personal difficulties, especially those which arise as a result of Service life. An understanding of the complexities of service life and its effects are central to the understanding and ethos of the agency. Please click the link for RN/RM Welfare’s contact details.

Royal Navy WebsiteThe Community pages on the Royal Navy Website provide a wealth of information and links covering a vast range of family-related issues. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, the Community pages may be able to point you in the right direction.