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The Recovery Pathway for Royal Naval & Royal Marines Personnel

Click here to read a helpful leaflet that provides a guide to recovery for all wounded, injured and sick Naval Service personnel and their families. The leaflet details each stage of the recovery process, looks at temporary employability during the Recovery Pathway, and lists the contact details for numerous support organisations.

Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS)
The DMWS delivers an independent and impartial 24 hour specialist welfare service to those members of the UK Armed Forces who are receiving hospital care, their dependant relatives, and entitled civilians in order to contribute to the coherence of the recovery and rehabilitation pathway for Service personnel. The crucial practical and emotional support is provided at times when it is most needed and is bound by a code of confidentiality. Click here to visit their website.

Medical Care for Service Families

The NHS Choices is a comprehensive information source, which allows you to search for health services, GP surgeries, pharmacies and opticians in your local area.

Your local Welfare Information Office will also be able to inform you of the medical facilities within your catchment area.


Service families living overseas may register with the Service’s Medical Centre to receive routine and emergency health care. Personnel should speak with their UPO for guidance on registering.

Mental Health

Mental health problems can affect anyone, regardless of age or circumstance. It is estimated that roughly a quarter of the population will suffer mental health problems at some stage in their lives. Mental illness can have a huge effect on the person concerned and their family. However, help is available:

The Big White Wall

This is a pioneering online service for people who are feeling low or depressed. The service is available for free to the Armed Forces community and offers help and support in a variety of ways including online counsellors and peer support. Users can take tests for common mental health problems to understand more about what’s troubling them and learn skills for managing their condition. 95% of members experience improvement in wellbeing.

There is reluctance for those with mental health problems to seek help, but Big White Wall removes the stigma attached to the issue as members are anonymous online. Support is available 24/7.  For more information visit:

Combat Stress

The ex-Services Mental Welfare Society, Combat Stress, is the only services charity specialising in helping those of all ranks from the Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy suffering from psychological disability as a result of their service. Click here to visit their website.

RN/RM Welfare

RN/RM Welfare supports Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families by helping to prevent or reduce the effects of personal difficulties, especially those which arise as a result of Service life. An understanding of the complexities of Service life and its effects are central to the understanding and ethos of the agency. RN/RM Welfare is staffed by Service people and civilians from a variety of specialisations and offers advice, counseling and advocacy on a wide variety of issues including mental health issues. Contact the RN/RM Welfare offices.

MIND – The mental health charity, who offer advice and run support groups for those affected by mental health problems. To find your nearest MIND please visit their website.

For information on mental health facilities in your local area please visit NHS Choices.