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HMS Nelson- Navy Mews

Portsmouth Naval Base will be opening 3 new short term family accommodation units at HMS Nelson in December 2016. These 2 bedroom units (Family Flats or Mews) are for Naval Service personnel who are separated or divorced parents who struggle to maintain quality time in a safe homely environment with their children.

The facilities will be available for first use from 19 December 2016 with an official opening by the Second Sea Lord and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity in January 2017.

All Service personnel will be eligible to apply but priority will be given to single, separated parents with children. Child free personnel will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances i.e. for welfare reasons.

The facility has been funded from charitable funds and they are looking for any donations of the following:

Bedding, Rugs, Cutlery, Bathroom items (e.g. bathmats), Hair Dyers, Vases, Notice Boards, Picture frames, Kitchen utensils, Lamps, Mirrors, Clocks.

Any household items that the team are not able to use will be given to local charity shops. Collection can be arranged by emailing or donations can be left in HMS Nelson Jervis Block Accommodation Office.