Emeritus Professor Janet Walker OBE – Introduction

Emeritus Professor Janet Walker OBE – Introduction

TrusteeImage of Jan Walker, NFF trustee.


I began my career doing research in behavioural psychology before training as a Probation Officer, working with offenders and trying to understand the reasons for their criminal behaviour. 

Since 1985 I have conducted research into family life and relationships, becoming increasingly aware that while all families have their ups and downs, it is the quality of family relationships which is central to our mental health and wellbeing and to children’s outcomes. 

I was privileged to talk to many Naval families about their needs during a recent review for the MOD, and I am passionate about finding better evidence-based ways to support families to remain strong and stable, to ensure that the right help is available at the right time. 

I will bring this passion and my research expertise to the NFF as a Trustee. 

My understanding of the commitment to duty by Royal Navy personnel and their families is continually enhanced as the mother of a serving Naval officer.