Jennie Laidler – Bio

Jennie Laidler – Bio

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Families Advocate


Jennie joined the NFF in March 2021 beginning in a job share role with another Family Advocate and, together, they hit the ground running.   After a few months the position of Secretary to the Board of Trustee’s opened and Jennie was delighted to take on that challenge too.

A former Royal Navy Medical Assistant, Jennie served for nearly 10 years. She worked in medical centres across the UK and at the Royal Hospital Haslar. After leaving the Service Jennie has worked in the hospitality and service industry, for the NHS as a medical receptionist and in retail.  She has also volunteered at her daughter’s school as Secretary and Chair of their PTA and helped out with local and national council elections as a poll clerk.

Jennie is married to a Royal Navy Marine Engineer, and currently lives in service family accommodation with their two daughters.  She is an avid shoe collector and loves music and books.