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Joining the RN/RM

Joining the Royal Navy or Royal Marines as a Commonwealth or Non-UK Applicant

The Royal Navy has a comprehensive website aimed at guiding and informing all applicants through the recruitment process for all applicants, which includes Commonwealth candidates. For further information about Royal Navy Careers, including the Royal Marines – click here.  The additional Information contained in Naval Families Federation (NFF)  website is intended to pull together this information along with additional information that will help to guide and inform candidates and their families through some of the common pitfalls and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding the Royal Navy.

Commonwealth and Non-British Candidates

The Royal Navy has received a large amount of applicants from Commonwealth member countries wishing to join the Naval Service in all branches. Due to this large demand anyone applying will have their enquiry put on hold, however, please be reassured your contact details and date of application have been captured in the RN database, and they will be in touch with you when they are in a position to move your application forward.  For further information click here.

Royal Navy Commonwealth Applicants

You can find all the roles currently available to Commonwealth applicants in the link below. To apply, you will need to hold a valid passport and meet the eligibility criteria for your chosen role. If you’re an overseas applicant, you need to be age 18 or over and have a Visa. If you live in the UK, you can apply from age 16 and will need a biometric residency card.  For further information click here. It is important to look at all aspects, including information about bringing your family to the UK.

Royal Marine Commonwealth Applicants

Royal Marines Commandos are among the most highly trained, elite amphibious soldiers on the planet. They tackle our most challenging operations, using their unique skills and the all-important state of mind that separates them from every other force. Now, if you’re a Commonwealth citizen, you could be one of them, even if you aren’t a UK resident. For further information, click here. It is important to look at all aspects including information about bringing your family to the UK

Official Guide for Potential Royal Navy and Royal Marines Candidates from Outside the UK

For detailed information into the selection process that you must undertake in order to join the Royal Navy (RN) or Royal Marines (RM) and to inform you of some of the challenges that you may encounter as an overseas applicant click here.

Visas for potential recruits from overseas

When you have received your Candidate Preparation Course (CPC) invitation, you will be required to travel to the UK. If you are from a visa national country, you will be required to apply for a Standard Visit Visa. If successful, this will be granted for 6 months. You can read more about applying for a Visit Visa on our website here.

If you are successful and join the RN/RM, you will be granted Immigration Exemption under Section 8 (4) of the Immigration Act 1971. This will allow you to travel in and out of the UK as though you have ‘settled status’. If you are not successful, you must return to your country of origin or residence before the 6 month visit visa expires. You can read more about Visitor Visas here.

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Page created: 16th May 2024