Leaving the Service

  • FFJ is a Tri-Service platform to enable family members of serving personnel to have a 'one stop shop' where they can apply for jobs directly with employers who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant as well as find signposting to other career and training opportunities.

  • If you and your family are considering leaving the RN/RM or are already on your way out, find out all of the information that you need to know about your transition in these resources.

  • A two-year tri-Federation project revealed that more awareness about the demands of transition is needed for families of Service leavers.

  • Armed Forces personnel and their families are to receive enhanced support from the MOD as they re-join civilian life. The expanded support includes the launch a new organisation, the Defence Transition Services (DTS), which will provide comprehensive support to service leavers.

  • Introducing v2 of Families transition too! A Transition Guide – for the families of Royal Navy and Royal Marines Service Leavers. We hope that this updated version helps you and your family to prepare and plan for your transition out of the RN/RM.

  • Veterans’ Gateway, alongside the NFF and our colleagues at the other Families Federations, have launched a ‘Plan Early’ campaign to encourage Service leavers and their family members to look ahead when transitioning into civvy street.

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