Long-Term Relationship (LTR)

Long-Term Relationship (LTR)

On 1st April 2019, it was announced that all Service personnel, who have more than four years’ service in the Armed Forces and who are in a long-term relationship or have residential responsibility for a child will now be able to apply to live together in surplus Service Family Accommodation (SFA) at all UK bases where properties are available.


Before that, only married couples, those in civil partnerships and those with legally dependent children could live in SFA.


Please note that this is NOT part of Future Accommodation Model (FAM), but rather a new policy. This is not an entitlement to SFA – if there is no surplus SFA at your place of work (50 miles within your assignment location), you will not be able to take advantage of this new policy.


Please refer to the resources below to find out more about cohabitation and registering long-term relationships:


How to register & establish a long-term relationship
FAQ - Cohabitation for Surplus SFA (Produced by The MOD)
Quick summary of the new cohabitation (LTR) policy (Homeport Summer '19, p.59)
Posted on: 19th September, 2019