Mental Health Care Provision

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Mental Health Care Provision

Update: The survey results are here. Please read on to find out more. 


We need your help to find out how Royal Navy and Royal Marines families are finding the provision of mental health care. We know that your time is precious, and so we have tried to keep this survey as short as possible, whilst giving an opportunity to you to comment on the key questions. You can skip any parts that are not relevant to you. The survey is here.


To find out more about why we are carrying out this survey, keep reading below.


Why are we asking you these questions?

The House of Commons Defence Committee is carrying out an inquiry about the Mental Health of the Armed Forces. It makes recommendations for change. On 25 July 2018 it published Part 1 of its report into the Mental Health of the Armed Forces, which considers the scale of mental health issues. The Naval Families Federation provided evidence for this report. We now have details of the next phase of the inquiry and want to make sure that we accurately represent your views and experiences.


The Committee accepted our view that mental health should be considered in a more holistic way, rather than focussing solely on the serving person. We want to find out more about the impact of military service and lifestyles on the mental health of family members, to make sure you are properly supported. The Committee’s report acknowledges that families’ mental health can be affected by the stresses of Service life and by traumatic events experienced by their military partners.


The report makes a number of recommendations, including that the Ministry of Defence, in conjunction with the health departments of the four nations, places a greater focus on Service and veterans’ families as part of its mental health care provision. This should include supporting further research into the mental health of current and former Service families to determine what provision is needed. The Ministry of Defence should also monitor how this provision is applied across the UK as part of its annual report on the Armed Forces Covenant.


You can read the full report here and our evidence here.



Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent survey about mental health for Royal Navy and Royal Marines families. Your feedback is extremely valuable and helps us to represent accurately your views and experiences. The results of the survey are here.


Posted on: 27th July, 2018
Updated on: 5th September, 2018