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Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health can affect anyone, regardless of age or circumstance. It is estimated that roughly a quarter of the population will suffer mental health problems at some stage in their lives. Mental illness can have a huge effect on the person concerned and their family. However, help is available:

Emotional first aid for children – training courses for teachers supporting children.  Costs £300 per person – the same as SPP for one child in a school in England.

The Black Dog Institute – Australia-based not-for-profit organisation and world leader in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.  Information and superb resources for teachers and those working with young people, including Headstrong 2.0 which can be downloaded free of charge.

Headspace – mindfulness meditation for beginners.  Regular mindfulness practice, through meditation, can help some people with stress, worry, lack of focus, relationship problems, addictions and more.  It can lead to peace of mind and wellbeing, greater focus and creativity and better relationships.

Big White Wall is an online early intervention service for people in psychological distress. Big White Wall combines social networking principles with a choice of clinically informed interventions to improve mental wellbeing. It can be accessed 24/7 and has staff (Wall Guides) who ensure the full engagement, safety and anonymity of all members.

Big White Wall is a community of people who are experiencing common mental health problems who are supported to self-manage their own mental health. According to members, one of the most important elements of the service is the ability to talk freely, whilst remaining completely anonymous.

Big White Wall has won multiple awards for its services, and its LiveTherapy service is CQC registered. It is free to join for Regular and Reserve members of the Armed Forces and their family members.

Help for Heroes Hidden Wounds  supports thousands of men and women and their families from the Armed Forces.  

Combat Stress

The ex-Services Mental Welfare Society, Combat Stress, is the only Services charity specialising in helping those of all ranks from the Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy suffering from psychological disability as a result of their Service. You can visit their website here.


The mental health charity, who offer advice and run support groups for those affected by mental health problems. To find your nearest MIND, please visit their website.


Contact is a group of charities working with the NHS and MOD. They want to make it simpler for the military community to find support for their mental wellbeing. Find out more here.


Service families living overseas may register with the Service’s Medical Centre to receive routine and emergency health care. Personnel should speak with their UPO for guidance on registering.

The Recovery Pathway

This leaflet provides a guide to recovery for all wounded, injured and sick Naval Service personnel and their families. It details each stage of the recovery progress, looks at temporary employability during the Recovery Pathway, and lists the contact details for numerous support organisations.

RNRM Welfare

If you have any problems regarding well-being, please remember that RNRM Welfare are here to support you, staffed by Service people and civilians from a variety of specialisations and offers advice, counselling and advocacy on a wide variety of issues, including mental health issues.