Mike Gray – Bio

Mike Gray – Bio

Male portrait photo.
Editor of Homeport


Mike has a family history of military service – his father was in the RAF before joining the police, and various uncles served in the Royal Navy, the RM Band Service, and the Army.

Mike’s career has been in journalism, starting with 11 years at The News in Portsmouth, where he worked as a reporter, sub-editor and as Production Editor before taking up a post in the MOD.

After almost a year as Second Sea Lord’s Deputy PRO, dealing with a range of HR issues, he moved across to Navy News, where he spent 22 years, the last eight as Editor. This involved covering all aspects of the Naval Service at home and overseas, at all levels from AB to Admiral, and also serving the wider Naval community, including Sea Cadets, families and veterans.

When the opportunity came to join the NFF in 2018 Mike moved across the Upper Lawn on Whale Island, from Navy Command HQ to Building 25, and has been Editor of Homeport ever since, also helping where required (from shifting boxes to checking grammar…)