Minimum Income Requirement increases

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Minimum Income Requirement increases

January 2024 Update

As you may be aware, on 4th December, the UK Government announced that there will be an increase in the amount of money a ‘sponsor’ has to earn to bring their families to join them in the UK. The current Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) is £18,600 to ‘sponsor’ one dependent, with this threshold increasing for each dependent child.  

On 21st December, Lord Sharpe of Epsom confirmed the increases and when they will come into effect. More information can be found at: Written questions and answers – MIR – UK Parliament 

The important facts for families of serving personnel are: 

  • The MIR increase will be in phases. In spring 2024 it will rise to £29,000. 
  • The current government has indicated that it plans to increase it to £38,700 in ‘early 2025’. 
  • If you or your partner/child already have a visa issued under the five-year partner route or you apply before the MIR is raised, you will not be required to meet the increased threshold when you apply for ILR in five years’ time. The applications will be assessed against the income requirements before the MIR increases in 2024. 
  • If you/your partner are granted a fiancé visa before the minimum income threshold is raised, your application will be assessed against the income requirements before the MIR increases in 2024. 
  • Anyone in the UK on a different route who applies to switch into the five-year partner route after the minimum income requirement has been increased, will be subject to the income requirements at that point. 
  • Anyone wishing to bring family to the UK after the MIR has increased, will be subject to the income requirement at that point. 
  • There will no longer be a separate child element to the MIR. Therefore, the MIR will be the same regardless of the number of children you are bringing to the UK.  
  • The points above will also apply to families on overseas assignments. 

The NFF are working with our colleagues to seek further details from the MoD on how the announcement of 4th December and 21st December might affect Armed Forces personnel.  The MoD Policy Lead is working with the Home Office to fully understand the impact and NFF will continue to ensure that the views of our Naval Non-UK Service Personnel and families is considered in any future discussions about the MIR for Armed Forces.  We will share any updates we receive from MoD via our Social Media platforms and Website. 

If you think you meet the MIR to bring your family to the UK now or have any other immigration queries, please get in touch with us at, where our specialist advisers can assist you with this process.