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There are a number of Service-oriented organisations that offer financial help and advice:

This website is specifically for Armed Forces personnel and members of their family. Whether you’re dealing with debt, interested in investments or puzzled about payday loans, MoneyForce will arm you with all the information you need to get MoneyFit. The Royal British Legion set up MoneyForce in conjunction with Standard Life Charitable Trust and with the full co-operation of MOD. Visit the MoneyForce website.

The White Ensign Association

This registered charity was formed in 1958 with Admiralty Board endorsement. Its functions are to provide independent, free, confidential and unbiased help on all matters of personal finance, including investment and financial planning for resettlement.

It also offers assistance on all matters of civilian employment. This service is available to all serving and retired officers, Royal Naval and Royal Marines personnel, Reservists and the spouses and dependants of beneficiaries. To contact the Association e-mail: or telephone: 020 7407 8658, MOD 9621 81945.

The Royal British Legion

Provides financial, social and emotional support to serving and ex-Service people and their dependants who are suffering financially. They can also help those who need urgent assistance to get through a temporary crisis, such as homelessness, or providing a loan for property repairs.

The Royal Navy Benevolent Trust

Provides wide ranging financial assistance to serving and ex-serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their dependants.

There are also a large number of external organisations who you can turn to for financial advice:

The Money Advice Service Health Check
The Money Advice Service was set up by the Government; it aims to helps people to manage their money better by providing clear,  and independent advice. The support and resources are free, and are designed to help everyone with practical money advice, whatever their financial circumstances.

The Money Advice Service  provides personalised advice on their website. Using the health check can help you get a high level assessment of your financial priorities and highlight where you can take action to build healthy financial habits. You will be able to get a personalised action plan which will help you prioritise your actions and link you to a wide range of other online tools and resources.

You can also get free money advice over the phone on: 0300 500 5000, and face-to-face across the UK through a national network. The website also provides a comprehensive range of information, tools and calculators to help you manage your money.

Credit Action – The money management charity offer online financial advice.

GOV.UK – This Government website provides a wealth of information on many financial elements including; Benefits and Financial Support, Tax, Pensions, Managing Money and Debt Issues. It is an excellent site to research before making any financial decision.

Financial Services Authority (FSA) – Provide impartial and comprehensive guidance on financial matters. The FSA is an independent, non-governmental body and the UK’s financial watchdog. Their website contains useful information, offering financial product comparisons, guides, calculators and product explanations. It is a great site on which to do some research before listening to independent financial advisors and commercial sales staff.

MoneyBasics – This is another independent site, which offers a broad spectrum of financial advice. If you are in debt and need advice you can call their freephone help line on: 0800 138 1111 to speak to a CCCS counselor. – The aim of this site is to help you save money on anything and everything by finding the best deals and beating the system. The site’s has been voted Most Useful Website of the Year by Radio 2 and was commended by a Parliamentary Motion. Since it was founded in 2003 this site has become the UK’s most popular independent money site with nearly six million visits per month.

Free MOD Legal and Personal Injury Compensation Scheme

On Duty Accidents: ToPaS
ToPaS is a FREE MoD Legal and Personal Injury compensation scheme available to all MoD Civil Servants and Service Personnel who have been injured by a negligent third party (anyone other than the MoD) whilst on duty (including detached duty). All types of accidents are covered including: Road Traffic Crashes, Slips, Trips, Falls and in some cases Assaults.

The scheme is completely free of charge and operates on a conditional fee basis (commonly known as ‘no-win, no-fee’) this means that any legal sustainable claim which MoD personnel submits to RALLI Solicitors (formerly Betesh Fox solicitors) will be free of charge to the individual. If the claim is successful, all legal costs will be reclaimed separately from the compensation awarded by the insurance company, or if the case proceeds to trial by the courts, this means that you keep 100% of the compensation awarded. If the claim is unsuccessful there will no charge to the MoD or to the individual concerned, as the costs will be borne by an insurance policy which is placed by RALLI solicitors.

The ToPaS scheme can be used in some countries outside the UK and there may be other schemes available to you.   If you or any other entitled person has been injured in the past three year, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.  Please note, you can not use this scheme to claim against the MoD.

Off Duty Accidents: The Family Accident Scheme (FAS)
The Family Accident Scheme (FAS) is a FREE Personal Injury compensation scheme available to all MoD Personnel including all your Friends, Family, Dependants and also ex-service personnel and their families who have been injured in an accident caused by someone else.  For those that are employed by the MoD would need to be Off Duty at the time of the accident, for all other personnel this scheme can be used at anytime (at work, holiday, going to school etc). This scheme works in the same way as the ToPaS scheme and all types of accidents are covered. Both schemes are free of charge and very easy to use. For further details:


Services Insurance & Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP)
SIIAP is recognised by the MOD. It is made up of individuals and firms who are insurance, and independent financial, advisers specialising in providing services to members of HM Forces. All member firms are authorised and regulated by the relevant authorities in the UK, offer compensation rights to customers and adhere to the SIIAP Code of Practice.

By purchasing an insurance or financial product from a SIIAP member, customers have the peace of mind that they are dealing with a competent organisation who has made all the necessary arrangements to look after their interests – whether they are based in the UK or anywhere else in the world.