Natalie Carmon – Bio

Natalie Carmon – Bio

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Natalie is a Naval spouse – her husband has served in the Royal Navy for almost 20 years as a rating and an officer, clocking up plenty of sea-time and weekending.  The couple have two school-age daughters, the younger having just started school.

Natalie’s background is in hospitality, having taken on various roles within a national hotel chain over 15 years, including helping to open new hotels and acting as a trouble-shooter on behalf of hotel management teams.

When Covid-19 hit the hospitality industry Natalie found herself looking for a new job and hoped to find one within the Naval community as she had carried out voluntary work in that area.

Proving the worth of the jobs and training platform, Natalie found her current role with the NFF through Forces Families Jobs.

Natalie said she particularly likes the collaborative way in which the Federation works, with colleagues pooling expertise, experience, and skills to achieve better outcomes for Naval families, and she also likes the fact that everyone’s opinion is valued – “it’s nice to know that no question is a silly question!” she said.