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Summer Sabin (Left) spots her father on HMS Defender with her mum Sarah Sabin as HMS Defender returns home to Portsmouth.

A ROYAL Navy Destroyer was deployed to Scottish waters at short notice prior to Christmas in order to intercept and escort a number of Russian warships during their passage past the coast of the UK.

HMS Defender, one of the UK’s newest and most powerful T45 Destroyers, began her 700 mile journey from Portsmouth to the North East of Scotland on 19th December in her role as Fleet Ready Escort. Trained and prepared as the Royal Navy’s high readiness warship, Defender was standing by over the Christmas and New Year period to respond to a wide range of short notice tasking, from search and rescue duties to maritime security patrols such as this.

Defender patrolled home waters in high sea states and storm force winds to welcome the Russian task group which comprised of 6 vessels, including a 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier.  Due to bad weather the Russian fleet anchored in the Moray Firth before heading down the East coast of the UK. As a sign of the friendship between the 2 navies, good will messages were exchanged between the Royal Navy and Russian ships on New Year’s Eve.
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New Wellbeing Drop-In

Ben’s Place is a Monthly Drop in for Serving and Ex-service Personnel and their families. Its initial set up costs were raised by the local community in memory of Guardsman Ben Regan, who was killed by a hit and run driver whilst home on leave. It will provide the family with a permanent memorial to Ben and help others live on after life within the Armed Forces.

The Drop-In is being developed under the umbrella of services provided by Merstham Community Facility Trust. (MCFT). They are a locally established charity which exist to promote the wellbeing, health, learning and development of the community in and around Merstham, Surrey. In the case of Ben’s Place they hope to help Serving and Ex-service Personnel and their families from the wider area of East Surrey.

Ben’s Place opens Thursday 15 September 2016 at 10 am.