Nicola Thompson – Bio

Nicola Thompson – Bio

Female portrait photo.Director of Operations


Nicola joined the team in April 2014 on a one-year fixed contract working on an Armed Forces Covenant project.  Following the success of the project she was retained on a permanent basis as a Regional Liaison Officer for Southeast England and after seven years with the NFF, Nicola stepped into the role of Director of Operations in June 2021.

Nicola started her career in Human Resources and was fully funded by her employer to attend university and achieve a Post Graduate Certificate in HR and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management.  After many years in HR she changed career direction, due to starting a family and a husband serving in the Royal Navy, and moved into assessing NVQs.  Nicola decided to apply for the NFF position as her own lived experiences provided her with the necessary skills to advise and support families, whilst her career experiences provided the skills to communicate families’ feedback to those in a position of power.

Nicola is a keen runner and completed her first marathon in 2019.  She lives in Portsmouth with her serving husband and two children.