• This page contains a wealth of information regarding visa application and immigration-related issues for Naval Service families.

  • This Network serves to provide a collective voice for commonwealth personnel to raise awareness of their unique lived experience through the Naval Chain of Command. Read more about it here.

  • Overseas Accompanied Assignments and School children’s visits - Unaccompanied Minors Flights: If you cannot find an airline to book an unaccompanied minors flight, MOD policy will fund return flights for one parent to collect their children.

  • On 19 March 18, a new online service for F&C Armed Forces personnel and their family members seeking entry to the UK was launched by Visa4UK. Read about the application process here.

  • A new compensation scheme has been announced in July 18 for those who are affected by the increase in Scottish tax rates. Visit here for further information.

  • The Scottish Government has published a welcome guide, specifically written for Naval Service families when they move to Scotland for a new draft.

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