Employment / Training

Career Transition Partnership

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is the official provider of resettlement services for those leaving the Armed Forces. The CTP delivers free resettlement services to all ranks of the British Armed Forces, and makes the transition from military to civilian life as smooth as possible. If you are leaving under redundancy terms it is expected that, in most cases, you will qualify for the Full Resettlement Programme and the service of the CTP. You can check your individual case with your Naval Resettlement Information Officer (NRIO).

The CTP offer resettlement workshops and briefings, and vocational training courses. They can teach Service leavers interview techniques and how to produce a CV. They provide assistance when researching the job market and when applying for jobs, and have their own on-line job finding database: RightJob. The CTP website lists upcoming Employment Fairs around the UK and has links to helpful resettlement booklets (including ‘Approaching the Job Market’, ‘Interviewing & Negotiation’, ‘Finance’, ‘Housing’ and ‘Benefits’).

A wide variety of training courses are offered through the CTP and may be paid for using your £534 Individual Resettlement Training Costs (IRTC) grant. Courses include: building, IT, engineering and management training.

Job finding assistance is primarily delivered through the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) and Officers’ Association (OA) Employment Consultants. There are 24 consultants around the UK and one in Germany. The Employment Consultants have the ability to ‘connect-the-dots’ between military skills and the job market and have a unique understanding of what Service leavers are looking for.

CTP support is provided to Service leavers from two years prior to discharge, up until two years after discharge. Beyond this point, as a registered charity, the RFEA are available to assist ex-Service men and women with employment support throughout their working lives.

Click here for more information on the resettlement process, with an article from the CTP.

Civvy Street

The Royal British Legion’s Civvy Street can assist with all your resettlement needs. They support those serving, Service leavers and Service families. They provide free support on a wide range of issues and can provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge for your transition into Civvy Street.

Civvy Street can provide advice on skills development, careers options, funding, training and starting your own business. Members have access to a library of on-line courses designed to improve your job prospects, and the website offers an online job search facility.

There is also information on the RBL funding schemes; the Be the Boss scheme helps those thinking of starting their own business, and the Employment Support Grant Scheme assists unemployed Service leavers, Ex-Services personnel and eligible dependants into work.

Forces Recruiting

Forces Recruiting provides meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for former Service personnel by creating awareness of their transferable skills, qualifications and attributes among the wider business community in the UK and beyond. Click here to visit their website.

Resettlement Websites / Magazines

  • Equipped: This magazine assists Service leavers in finding jobs, relevant training and further education. It is an official partner of the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) and the British Forces Resettlement Service (BFRS). The online version of the magazine is available for free download by registering on their website.
  • Pathfinder International: Resettlement website and magazine for Service Leavers. Providing comprehensive and constructive information on ex-military jobs, career information and Armed Forces resettlement advice.
  • Quest Online: Website and online magazine offering information on resettlement training, retraining courses and recruitment/jobs for ex-military personnel.