For more extensive information on housing issues and Service Families Accommodation, please see the Housing section of our website.

For information on deployment please visit the Family section of our website.

Your New Local Area
Your nearest Welfare Information Support Office can provide you with details about the area that you are moving to.

Welfare Information Support can offer information on local:
• Places of interest
• Schools and education
• Housing
• Healthcare services
• Employment and training opportunities
• Relocation

Going Overseas
If you are moving to an overseas posting, the Welfare Information Support office can provide details on your new local area and its ammenities.

The Community pages on the Royal Navy website offer useful information for those posted overseas.

Personnel can find information regarding passports on the Defence Intranet; within document 2014DIN01-108. Certain passport facilities are free and others must be paid for. The basic rule is that if a Service person and their dependants (spouse/civil partner or child) are required to travel at public expense to, or from, a country that will require the use of a passport, one will be provided free of charge.

Families can contact the Armed Forces Team with enquiries on any of the following numbers:
+44 1733 888 641
+44 1733 888 642
+44 1733 888 295

Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO)
JSHAO is a tri -Service organisation which provides Service personnel and their families with information and advice on the range of civilian housing options open to them. If you are thinking of buying your own home, there are a number of housing schemes available to the Service and ex -Service community.

JSHAO host briefings across the country, which discuss housing options and encourage Service personnel to make preparations for long term civilian housing in the UK before they leave Service. Attendance at these courses does not count against Resettlement entitlement. For further information on civilian housing options, upcoming briefing dates and to contact JSHAO, please visit their website.

Short Term Housing
Some families require temporary housing during relocation. Click here to see the short term accommodation options available to Service families.