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Royal Naval Reserve

The Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) is a part-time force of 2,300 trained men and women, who are deployed with the Royal Navy in times of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict. They may be civilian, but Reservists wear the same uniform and do much of the same training as the Regulars. There are 22 RNR units across the UK.

Royal Marines Reserve

The Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) act in support of the UK’s Amphibious Forces. All Reservists have passed through the same rigorous training as their Regular counterparts. Royal Marines Reservists are drawn from all walks of civilian and former military life. The RMR consists of approximately 600 personnel. There are five RMR Centres across the UK, with outlying detachments around the country. Approximately 10% of the RMR are working with Regular Royal Marines on long term attachments in many of the Royal Marines Regular units.

Maritime Reservist Magazine

Maritime Reservist is a biannual magazine for those in the RNR and RMR. It aims to keep them informed of news, changes in Terms and Conditions of Service, and latest operations. Click here for further information.

Future Reserves 2020

Future Reserves 2020 (FR20) was initiated by the Prime Minister to examine the future shape and role of the UK’s Reserves Forces immediately after the Security Defence and Security Review 2010. It was conducted by an independent commission and reported in July 2011.

The FR20 vision is to provide a Reserve Force that is an integral element of the Armed Forces, optimised to deliver assured capability across all military tasks on operations at home and abroad.

The report discusses an expanded Maritime Reserve Force, significantly better funded and resourced, along with new roles and training opportunities, with a promise of increased civilian employment protection in law for both individual Reserves and further support for the employers of Reserves personnel. The report’s recommendations have been accepted by the MOD and a programme tackling the key challenges is underway.

Click here to read a summary of the report, its recommendations, and what they mean for the Maritime Reserves on the Royal Navy website.

Reserves in the Future Force 2020: Valuable and Valued – July 2013

The White Paper, ‘Reserves in the Future Force: Valuable and Valued’, sets out the plans to sustain and grow our Reserve Forces. Click here to read the White Paper.

Future Reserves 2020: Progress Report – December 2013

Click here to read a progress report on Future Reserves 2020.


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