Resources for Service children

Resources for Service children


Whether it is ‘weekending’ or deployment, we understand that Royal Navy and Royal Marines families spend a considerable amount of time away from each other:

  • 37% of RN & RM families live apart during the working week;
  • 39% of RN & RM families experienced separation of more than 3 months in 2018

(Source: FamCAS 2019)


To help you and your young person cope with separation and to support resilience, we run a 2-year project (funded by LIBOR) to provide serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines families with reading books. Choose your free reading book from a tailored list that caters for all ages and covers a wide range of topics – including parenting books, books that help explain deployment, and more. We have also produced a parental absence resource to provide some strategies to help families thrive.


Guidelines for provision of books/ resources
Parental absence resource:
  • We are only able to send hard copies to our beneficiaries and those who support them due to resource constraints.
  • Click here to access our parental absence resource


LIBOR-funded project:
  • A maximum of one book for each child/ family member of current serving Royal Navy/ Royal Marines personnel. You will be asked to provide your (or your serving person’s) Service number for eligibility purposes.
  • While every effort will be made to process orders quickly, this project is not supported by any additional staffing resource, so please be patient with us.
  • Click here for a full list of books; click here to fill out a consent form to claim your book


Posted on: 20th November, 2019
Updated on: 3rd February, 2020