RN personnel rewarded for outstanding achievements

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RN personnel rewarded for outstanding achievements

Penny Mordaunt’s last day in office (Monday 18 July) as Armed Forces Minister was spent awarding 29 Royal Navy personnel, who have been recognised for outstanding achievements for their ship or unit over the past year.

The ceremony took place on Friday (15 July) on board HMS Victory and was followed by a dinner at HMS Nelson.

Commander Portsmouth Flotilla, Commodore Peter Sparkes said:

“In a challenging year when the Portsmouth Flotilla has scarcely been busier, it is really important that we recognise some of the extraordinary individual efforts of our Sailors, which contribute so powerfully to our collective successes.

I am delighted that the Minister for the Armed Forces agreed to present these awards in the presence of the recipient’s partners today, and I am also grateful to BAE Systems and the Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity for their support in making it possible.”

Full list of Award Winners:

CPOET(ME) Graeme Duncan – HMS Queen Elizabeth

MA Louise Whalley – HMS Queen Elizabeth

CPO(ME) David Mcallen – 2nd Mine Counter Measures Squadron

LET(ME) (L) Christopher Butler – 2nd Mine Counter Measures Squadron

Leading Diver Jay Proctor – 2nd Mine Counter Measures Squadron

Lt Alexandra Harris – HMS Mersey

LET(WE) Darren Clayton – HMS Severn

ET(ME)1 Alexander Edwards – HMS Tyne

Leading Chef Russell Aitken – HMS St Albans

CPOET(ME) Davidson – HMS Westminster

LSC Raquel Marter – HMS Westminster

Lt Ben Lewis – HMS Daring

MA Emma Bull – HMS Daring

LACPO John Edmunds – HMS Dauntless

LS(SEA) Adam Drozdowski – HMS Defender

PTI Luke Steele – HMS Diamond

PO David Pitcher – HMS Duncan

MA Louise Craig – HMS Duncan

LS(EW) Timothy Dodge – HMS Dragon

PO(SEA) Daniel Tregarthen – HMS Iron Duke

ETWE(CIS) Oliver Darnell – HMS Iron Duke

Lt Keith Tobin – HMS Kent

LCH Spender Mhlanga – HMS Kent

Leading Diver Scott McAllister – Northern Diving Group

PO(D) Nicholas McPherson – Southern Diving Group

PO(D) Johnathon Norris – Fleet Diving Unit 1

Leading Seaman Carl Butterworth – HMS Richmond

POET(WE) Lee McCartney – HMS Richmond

Lt Amy Willcocks – HMS Clyde