RNRMC Impact Workshop

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RNRMC Impact Workshop

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC), are a major funding partner to many organisations and charities. They recently held a workshop which we helped to facilitate to explore a number of specific techniques in which military charities, and similar organisations supporting the Royal Navy, can identify how effective their service delivery is.

The Naval Families Federation performed a short sketch to illustrate the importance of accurately assessing need and of making a meaningful difference. We joined guest speakers including representatives from Seafarers UK, the You Trust and Alabaré.

In total 38 delegates from 18 local and national organisations attended the workshop, held on 16 September.

Introducing the day’s session, RNRMC Chief Executive Robert Robson, explained how demand for funding from major grantmakers, such as the Portsmouth-based RNRMC, was growing “exponentially”, increasing the necessity for thorough impact evaluation.

“Money is tight; we must be more specific about the areas we fund. That’s why impact is so important,” he said.

“Impact to me is difference; change that can be measured by intervention. We need to measure the difference and use of our funds effectively. We want to be pragmatic in assessing the difference you make.”