SFA – Moving in

SFA – Moving in

22nd February 2022 – Message from DIO:

SFA Utility Bills

As more small energy suppliers enter administration, it can sometimes be challenging for DIO to engage with the replacement supplier, appointed by Ofgem, when a family moves out of their SFA.

To avoid DIO incurring unnecessary costs, families must ensure they take a meter reading at the Move-In appointment and at the Move-Out appointment. Families must also inform their energy supplier of their final meter reading at Move-Out and supply a forwarding address.

Families are responsible for utility bills from the date of Move In until the date of Move Out, unless the home falls under an MOD fuel supply arrangement. Families can choose to remain with the existing suppliers to their SFA or negotiate their own utility provider for gas and electricity.

Families entering into private agreements with utility providers must ensure that the contracts include a caveat enabling them to terminate the agreement by giving 28 days’ notice of ending the agreement and 48 hours’ notice of termination.

DIO’s Industry Partner is permitted to provide some personal details to utility providers within GDPR guidance when families fail to settle their utility bills on Move-Out. However, families should remember it is their responsibility to notify their suppliers that they are leaving a property. We thank you for your continued support with this issue.

When you accept an offer of a Service Family Accommodation (SFA) property you should arrange a ‘move in’ appointment using the e-1132 system.


At the agreed date and time, an Accommodation Officer will meet you at the property and show you around. They will work with you to complete the digital Move In Form to record any important information, such as any faults found at move in and the action taken to resolve them, meter readings, details of recent safety inspections and your contact details. At the end of the move in appointment, you will be asked to sign the Move In Form to confirm that you are satisfied your new home meets the move in standard.


You can give your spouse/civil partner or a Service colleague written authority (known as a ‘Proxy certificate’) to sign the inventory on your behalf if you are unable to attend the ‘move in’ appointment. Please note that the ‘move in’ can only take place during normal working hours.


At your move in appointment, they will book a second visit with you for around 14 days later. This is to give you time to move in, get settled and have the chance to consider any further queries or concerns you may have about your new home.


Full details

Please click here to familise yourself with the move in procedures.


Posted on: 30th June, 2016
Updated on: 27th April, 2022