SFA – Moving out

SFA – Moving out


As of 1 April 2022, your new point of contact is now Pinnacle Service Families. This page is currently under review. In the meantime, please click  here for further information.

23rd November 2021 – Message from DIO:

Preparation for FDIS – The WalkAway Scheme – Update


The current National Housing Prime (NHP) contract, which provides management and maintenance services for SFA, is due to be replaced in March 2022 by the Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) contracts.


As part of FDIS development, it was agreed that the present Amey Walkaway Scheme should not be included within the new arrangements. It was thought this approach would better align with wider Government policy aimed at supporting the development of local enterprises to deliver such services. Therefore, as we move towards FDIS in service date of 1 March 2022, and to allow the managed closure of the Walkaway Scheme, Amey will not accept requests from families for that service for any move-out appointments after 31 January 2022.


Those families who have already booked the Walkaway Scheme for move-out dates beyond 31 January 2022 will receive a cancellation notice and a refund. In addition, if Service families have had to delay their move-out appointment due to operational reasons, such as moved deployment date, Amey will be unable to provide the Walkaway Scheme for any date that falls after 31 January 2022. This again will result in a cancellation and refund. Please note, however, that Amey will not be able to action refunds after the end of March 2022.


The Walkaway Scheme mailbox will remain open until 14 February 2022 to help with any ongoing queries.


It is intended that FDIS will provide signposting to local services for any families who wish to make their own arrangements to have their homes cleaned to the move-out standard after 1 March 2022.


Please note that the closure of the Walkaway Scheme from 31 January 2022 does not remove the requirement for families to prepare their SFA to the appropriate move-out standard. DIO will continue to charge for those damages or deficiencies not classed as fair wear and tear. Families should contact their Accommodation Officer if they require any more information on this issue.

22nd February 2022 – Message from DIO:

SFA Utility Bills

As more small energy suppliers enter administration, it can sometimes be challenging for DIO to engage with the replacement supplier, appointed by Ofgem, when a family moves out of their SFA.

To avoid DIO incurring unnecessary costs, families must ensure they take a meter reading at the Move-In appointment and at the Move-Out appointment. Families must also inform their energy supplier of their final meter reading at Move-Out and supply a forwarding address.

Families are responsible for utility bills from the date of Move In until the date of Move Out, unless the home falls under an MOD fuel supply arrangement. Families can choose to remain with the existing suppliers to their SFA or negotiate their own utility provider for gas and electricity.

Families entering into private agreements with utility providers must ensure that the contracts include a caveat enabling them to terminate the agreement by giving 28 days’ notice of ending the agreement and 48 hours’ notice of termination.

DIO’s Industry Partner is permitted to provide some personal details to utility providers within GDPR guidance when families fail to settle their utility bills on Move-Out. However, families should remember it is their responsibility to notify their suppliers that they are leaving a property. We thank you for your continued support with this issue.

Visit the Amey Defence Services website for details on moving out of UK SFA, arranging a pre move out appointment and find out details about the Walk Away Cleaning Scheme.


Move out

Your move out will be attended by an Amey Defence Services Accommodation Officer who will inspect your SFA to determine if it meets the agreed move out standard.

If the standard is not satisfactory and there are deficiencies or damages that are not considered to be fair wear and tear, or you have failed to clean the property properly, a charge will be raised by the Accommodation Officer and you will be invoiced accordingly.

In this instance an appropriate Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) action will be taken by the Amey Defence Services Occupancy Services team to cease accommodation charges on that property from the date of your move out.

For more information, please click here.


Removal services

Agility Logistics Limited (Agility) is the MOD approved service provider for removals and is part of the Global Removal Management Services (GRMS).


Charges for damage and deficiencies for SFA and Substitute SFA recovery from pay

When you move out of UK Service Family Accommodation (SFA) or Substitute Service Family Accommodation (SSFA), you may be liable for charges for damages or deficiencies that are not classed as fair wear and tear or because you have failed to prepare the property to the correct standard, for example cleanliness.

Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) can take these directly from the pay of serving personnel. Any payments taken depend on the size of the charge and individual monthly income (using MOD guidelines to ensure that deductions do not exceed a set limit of pay).

If you consider that you are not responsible for the charges, or part of them, for example that the damage is the result of fair wear and tear, you are able to dispute the charge raised using the Disputed charges form’.


Full details on moving out of your SFA and recoveries from pay are available in:

JSP 464: Tri-Service accommodation regulations (TSARs)Part 1

JSP 754: Recoveries from pay (available on the Defence Intranet only)


Posted on: 3rd May, 2018
Updated on: 27th April, 2022