SFA – who is responsible for what?

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SFA – who is responsible for what?

Significant changes have occurred within the housing arena over the past 2 years, including the introduction of CAAS and the Decent Homes standard, and performance issues with the National Housing Prime (NHP) contract.  These changes have created potential confusion about which organisation or person has responsibility for each aspect of accommodation.

To address this, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation has created a short video – “We all have a part to play” which is available here.

The video illustrates the responsibilities of everyone – Service families, MoD, CarillionAmey, Front-Line Commands and DIO – when it comes to accommodation.  It helps to clarify who is responsible for what so that comments and queries related to SFA are directed to the right area.  This should help to avoid some of the delays which happen when requests are sent to the wrong team.