Lt Cdr Steve Cass – Introduction

Lt Cdr Steve Cass – Introduction

TrusteeImage of Steve, NFF trustee.


From joining as an Air Engineering Mechanic in 1986 to being commissioned in 2017, my career has often taken me far from the village where I grew up in West Cornwall. 

My amazing wife and three wonderful daughters have supported me every step of the way. The reassurance that organisations such as the NFF are there when our families need them is vital for serving sailors and Royal Marines. 

As a former Warrant Officer of the Naval Service, I collaborated with the NFF on projects to help improve care and support. 

Being selected as a Trustee is an immense honour and enables me to contribute more broadly to the welfare of others again. 

I have a vast experience of the issues affecting our people and a wide network to draw upon. 

Our people definitely are our greatest asset and it is great to be back onboard with the NFF!