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News: 19th January 2022 


Our Armed Forces families are the anchor of this community providing their unwavering support to help our Service people deliver their commitments to protect the UK. In doing this though, they often have to deal with lengthy separations from their loved one, relocations around the country and overseas, gaps in their employment records, and obstacles when accessing education and healthcare. These are just some of the added challenges our families routinely face and we thank them for their courage and the sacrifices they make.   


Today the Ministry of Defence (MOD) launched the Armed Forces Families Strategy (2022-32) to inspire partnership working across the UK. This will honour the enduring pledge of the Armed Forces Covenant and to provide direction to policy makers, the single Services and public service providers to empower Armed Forces families to live rich and fulfilling lives alongside their loved ones. 


The MOD’s visions are for families to be: 

  • Recognised and respected; 
  • Informed and empowered; 
  • Listened to and understood. 


Sarah Clewes, NFF Interim CEO says:

‘I am delighted to see the publication of the  UK Armed Forces Families Strategy.

Royal Navy and Royal Marines families have a crucial role in support of the operational effectiveness of the Naval Service and the wider Ministry of Defence, and that role is recognised in the government’s strategy, which addresses challenges including deployment and separation, accommodation, healthcare, education and mobility.

The Naval Families Federation is at the heart of the dialogue between families and government, and will continue to ensure families’ voices are heard at the highest levels while providing timely and accessible information to empower those families.

Building on recommendations produced by MP Andrew Selous’s ‘Living In Our Shoes’ report, the new strategy and action plan will be delivered in partnership with the devolved administrations, the charitable and private sectors – including the NFF, using our network of contacts, social media and virtual channels to reach all families, including those dispersed around the UK and overseas.

Exciting times ahead! 


The NFF welcome the publication of the strategy. We would strongly encourage you to take a look at the actions that have been drawn up to support you. If you have any comments or concerns, do contact us.