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Details about the current Assisted Conception Services and Fertility Preservation procedures in place for serving personnel and their spouse/partners can be found in 2021DIN01-020, which was updated in February 2021. This DIN can be accessed via the MoD Intranet system and provides guidance for Armed Forces Personnel initiating, accessing and/or continuing Assisted Conception Services (ACS) or Fertility Preservation (FP). We would recommend that you read through this DIN before making any decisions or undertaking any medical treatment.


In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is one of several techniques available to help people with fertility problems have a baby.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published fertility guidelines that make recommendations about who should have access to IVF treatment on the NHS in England and Wales.

If you are considering IVF, you may want to have a look at the links as they provide a lot of useful information:

The policies regarding NHS funding for Assisted Conception procedures vary across the UK. More information on the policies in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can be found below.



NHS trusts across England and Wales are working to provide the same levels of service. But the provision of IVF treatment varies across the country, and often depends on local CCG policies. In some cases, only 1 cycle of IVF may be routinely offered, instead of the 3 recommended by NICE. Find out more here.

Please note that there is a specific policy in place for members of the Armed Forces who wish to consider IVF treatment which only applies in England. More information can be found here.



Eligible patients who are new referrals from 1st April 2017 may be offered up to three cycles of IVF/ICSI. Find out more here.



In November 2009 the Minister for Health & Social Care announced that patients who meet the access criteria, where the woman is aged less than 40, will be entitled to two NHS cycles of treatment. In 2013, in view of the NICE Guidance update for fertility services, the all Wales expert advisory group made recommendations that fertility services should be available up to a woman’s 43rd Birthday. Find out more here.


Northern Ireland 

In Northern Ireland the Health and Social Care Board (HSC) are responsible for commissioning of fertility services. A motion calling for the HSC to provide three full cycles of treatment has been approved in principle, but in reality additional finance needs to be made available to make this happen, even in a phased approach. Find out more here.


Posted on: 17th May, 2016
Updated on: 31st August, 2021