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As 2020 draws to a welcome close and we keep our fingers crossed for 2021, we’ve revamped the project in order to offer you a warm, welcoming Winter Glow. Please click here for more information.

On the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the Naval Families Federation (NFF) is proud to announce the ‘Brighten Your Day’ project, funded by the Annington Trust.


We are grateful for our Armed Forces’ sacrifice to protect our nation and its interests. As we celebrate the end of conflict in Europe 75 years ago today, we are also proud to be in the corner of currently serving members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and their families.


Our community is resourceful and resilient. Families and partners juggle work, childcare, finances, home responsibilities and everything else during periods when serving people are working away or deployed.


During the coronavirus pandemic, we recognise that there is additional pressure on currently serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families. The NFF has received funding from the Annington Trust to provide them with resources to support their resilience, to enhance coping strategies and to brighten a family’s day during COVID-19.



This project has been replaced by ‘Winter Glow’. Please click here for more information.


Thank you for your positive feedback and on-going demand – here are some of the pictures featuring you! Please contact us with your photos as we would love to see them!

Posted on: 8th May, 2020
Updated on: 7th December, 2020


As new measures and guidelines develop around COVID-19, we have put together a list of fun activities and useful resources specifically designed for the serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines families community.


Please also visit this page for updates from the NFF, Chain of Command and other stakeholders.




  • ‘Brighten Your Day’ project


    • During the coronavirus pandemic, we recognise that there is additional pressure on our Royal Navy and Royal Marines families. The NFF has received funding from the Annington Trust to provide our families with resources to brighten their day.


  • NFF & Headspace

NFF, Headspace and RN FPS are delighted to offer RN/RM families free access to the Headspace app


    • The NFF, supported by Royal Navy Family and People Support, is delighted to launch our Headspace for Families project on National Stress Awareness Day (4th November 2020). The project is open to non-serving family members (RN/RM/RFA – regular and reserves). Headspace is a platform for mindful living which you can take with you wherever you go – watch this video to find out more. You can find out more, and sign up for 12 months free access to Headspace here.


  • Time, On My Watch

Time, on my watch promotional poster with quote and logos.


    • The new NFF project is funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. It’s an opportunity for you to show that your time is valuable and that you matter too. You can say what you like, in whatever medium you like. Send a photograph of the completed piece to us and Artist Tim Mann will use your images to create a final piece of artwork, which will be anonymous.


  • Downloadable content


    • Visit Little Troopers’ website to download their free activity sheets for your young person.


  • Reading books


    • For the past 2 years, the NFF has been providing serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families with book resources to help them during periods of separation and deployment. Thanks to your positive feedback and ongoing demand, Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity has kindly agreed to fund a continuation of the project, which has been further enhanced with additional resources relevant to the current Covid-19 lockdown. The project includes resources to assist with times of parental absence, relationships, parenting, anxiety, bereavement and more. Click here for more information.


    • The name Clare Shaw may perhaps ring a bell? The ”My Daddy’s/ Mommy’s Gone Away to Work” author from our book list has written an online book about COVID – 19 for children and it is available to download for free here.


    • A free book explaining the virus to children has been created by the Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler. Click here to download a free copy or to watch it with your children by video.


    • Click here to access Staying Home, a book by Sally Nicholls and Viviane Schwarz. This storybook help explain the current situation to children.


    • Reading Force is a shared reading initiative for Service families. The charity provides free books and scrapbooks to Service children of all ages, in order to support and encourage Armed Forces families with shared reading both at home or when separated.


  • Staying active


    • Visit our guide here to access top tips to staying active and healthy.


Useful resources


  • Arriving Home Safely


    • Thank you to our NHS and key-workers. We have produced the above infographic to help you arrive home safely.


  • Bereavement support


    • Please click here for a leaflet produced by the government that shares important information to help bereaved families, friends or next of kin make important decisions during this national emergency and explains the next steps, answers some of your questions, and guides you to the extra help and support that is available.


    • During the global coronavirus pandemic we are facing a tragic loss of life, often under very difficult circumstances. Cruse have put together these resources to share how bereavement and grief may be affected by this pandemic.


    • Winston’s Wish provide support for bereaved children, young people and their families with a military connection.


    • Child Bereavement UK supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement.
    • Relate have extended their counselling offer to Naval Service families to include bereavement and loss.


  • Child Safety


    • With children at home, you may worry about their safety. The Child Accident Prevention Trust have produced a guide to preventing accidents at home.


    • The RoSPA have produced this list of ideas to keep under-5s safe.


  • Domestic abuse


    • Measures announced over recent weeks to tackle COVID-19 are essential to beat the virus and to protect our NHS. Staying at home is particularly challenging for people who are experiencing or feel at risk of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is unacceptable in any situation, no matter what stresses you are under. Find out more about how you can access help here. If you need urgent support, dial 999.


    • During the coronavirus crisis, Hestia’s UK SAYS NO MORE campaign has been working to ensure victims of domestic abuse across the UK can access vital support in a safe space. All Boots UK stores will facilitate their consultation rooms as Safe Spaces, enabling people facing domestic abuse to access specialist domestic abuse support services.


    • Please click here to access a safety planning guide for domestic abuse survivors.


    •  Click here to access a safety planning guide for children in isolation.


  • Homeschooling/ adult-learners


    • The Learning and Development Organisation have produced this PDF containing hyperlinks to resources for parents now home schooling, and adult learners.
    • BFBS TV will broadcast eight hours of BBC Bitesize educational programmes to help Armed Forces families overseas with home schooling by giving them access to the new ‘lockdown service’ available on the BBC in the UK. Click here for more information on the schedule.


  • Mental health support 


    • How is it going? Challenging times like so can affect our mental health. Help is available.
    • Combat Stress have released a series of videos and resources with helpful advice, information and strategies to help get you through.


  • Relationship support


    • Relationships may face extra pressure during this difficult time. Relate offers Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families free access to their counselling service.
    • ‘Building Stronger Families’ portal is a self-directed online learning programme supporting naval couple and family relationships, which may also be able to assist.


  • Service charities


    • Here is a list of other Service charities you may wish to take note of.


  • Strengthening Families


    • While this is not a covid-19 relief project, ‘Strengthening Families – By Your Side’,  is a new offer of support for all Royal Navy and Royal Marines families. Find out more about how the programme partners can support you and your family here.


  • Working Away from Home


    • Are you living away from your family? Here are some tried and tested tips from the experience of Royal Navy and Royal Marines families which may help you to navigate this time of separation.


Posted on: 26th March, 2020
Updated on: 5th November, 2020