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A new tri-Service research has launched to better understand how Service life affects family finances.


This research, led by the Army Families Federation (AFF) in collaboration with RAND Europe and the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), will help inform recommendations to the MOD on further support for Service personnel and their families.


Financial challenges Armed Forces families may face due to Service life include:

  • partner employment issues which could mean a family surviving on a single income or the non-serving partner having a reduced or no pension;
  • key housing costs such as rent being deducted at source and not being budgeted for;
  • potential lack of budgeting experience, for example if the Service person joined straight from home;
  • the unpredictability of postings, meaning variations in income, with significant allowances in some locations and none in others.



The research team would like to hear the views of current and ex-Service personnel and their spouses/partners on whether Service life affects their ability to easily bounce back from any financial set-backs. They also welcome the views of divorced former spouses and widowed spouses, who may have previously been relying on the Service person’s income and pension.


Closing date

This survey closes on 31 October 2022.

Posted on: 15th July, 2022