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The Armed Forces Flexible Working Bill became law on 8th February 2018. This law, which came into effect for Regular Naval Service personnel from 1st April 2019, may assist some personnel to balance work and family life.


The MOD has recognised the need for flexibility in the Services and will introduce this measure to adapt to society’s expectations, and to help increase work incentive within the forces.



This policy allows Regular members of the Armed Forces to seek:

  • Part time working (reducing work routines);
  • Restricted separation from home for no more than 35 days a year;
  • Both (within the same assignment order).



Applications are limited in length to no more than 3 years continuously and no more than 4 years total in a 12 year rolling period. Applications are not guaranteed and operational capability will come first.


Further Information
  • Front cover of MOD 'Flexible Working and You' digital guide

    ‘Flexible Working and You’, a digital guide produced by the MOD for Service personnel.

    Read a short introductory article on FS in Homeport Winter ’18 (p.37)

  • Read a short summary of its terms and conditions in Homeport Spring ’19 (p.27)
  • Click here to watch an explanatory video produced by the MOD, and contact information should you have any questions.
  • MOD has produced a ‘Discover My Benefits’ tool which allows you to explore the support available to you and your family.
  • JSP 750 (Chapter 2) is also available via DII only for more information
  • ‘Flexible Working and You’ is a digital booklet produced by the MOD to provide Service personnel further information on the subject.


The Naval Families Federation welcomes your comments and views on this new policy. Please do contact us.


Posted on: 30th November, 2018
Updated on: 28th January, 2021