Talented Royal Marine writer launches new book

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Talented Royal Marine writer launches new book

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines are always proud to support the interests of their serving personnel. We were delighted to hear of a wonderful example of this when we came across serving Royal Marine, Tom Cornner. A talented and dedicated marine, but also a talented writer having just released the first of a series of children’s books to support personal and educational development in children of all ages.

Arco the Bossy is the first book in a series of four called ’The Greebs’. Each fiction book has a different protagonist (red, yellow, green and blue) which has different characteristics (anger, jealousy, shyness, bravery etc) and covers different themes (which are based around child development and core values).

Taking inspiration from Tom’s son and his friends and real-life events, the books have been created with a focus on supporting parents and children to understand and develop emotions, resilience and key values in early life.

If you are looking for a fun, colourful and educational children’s rhyming picture book for your child then ‘Arco the Bossy’ is for you.

Arco the Bossy is a story which follows the tales of ‘The Greebs’, a group of friends that try to overcome challenges and adversity to help them learn and become better through friendship and adventure.

Arco, is a strong natural leader who likes to tell his friends what to do and boss them around, but when his bossiness gets too much, the group part ways and find themselves with a challenge that they cannot fix without the whole group. Arco has to change his ways, so he can help his friends and possibly help himself.

The stories are based around the key values children learn as they grow up to encourage a strong foundation to build on as they develop. Bossiness, Friendship, Integrity, Courage and Humility are a few of the key areas that the Greebs face throughout their adventures.

You can learn more about The Greebs series on the online Amazon listing here:
Arco the Bossy: The Greebs: Cornner, Mr Tom Allen, Merrill, Nadara, Sulistio, Teguh, Horgan, Serena June: 9781739150402: Books

Tom is a serving Royal Marine and has gained permission from the Chain of Command to support family events to share his books – we feel Arco the Bossy certainly resonates with our families! The next book in the series features Toshi, the strong willed Greeb who experiences jealousy when competing in a raft race against other Greeb friends, resulting in a nail-biting lifesaving mission. Will Toshi be able to save his friends or has his jealousy gone a step too far this time?

The second book in the series will be released in a few months so watch this space. Well done Tom and good luck with the rest of the series!