The Annington Challenge 2018

Girls carrying a canoe over their heads.

The Annington Challenge 2018

Thanks to additional funding, the Annington Challenge is delighted to offer 2 places to young people aged 15-19 from Armed Forces families for their forthcoming Outward Bound Skills for Life Award. This 19-day course is filled with fun but challenging outdoor adventures, and takes place in Wales from 30th July to 17th August. The course is usually priced at £1,699, but will be discounted at £399 for young people of Naval Service families.


What are the purposes of The Annington Challenge?

The Annington Challenge is more than ‘just a summer camp’. It encourages teenagers to reach out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges. It aims to boost participants’ self-confidence and self-belief, to improve their communication skills and to be more confident in working as a team.


Eligibility and Application

To apply for this course, you must be between the ages of 15 and 19. You can find out more about your eligibility, any other general information, or apply for this course here.


Other Useful Information

To find out more about the Annington Challenge, its participants’ testimonials and stories, you can read their feature story in Homeport Autumn ’17 (pages 20-21) and Homeport Winter ’18 (pages 54-55). Here are the links to these issues.


Posted on: 1st June, 2018
Updated on: 15th January, 2019