Update on the Modernised Accommodation Offer for Armed Forces personnel

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Update on the Modernised Accommodation Offer for Armed Forces personnel

Our Armed Forces personnel make extraordinary sacrifices to protect our nation. Defence’s Modernised Accommodation Offer (MAO) puts fairness first and will inject £200m of further investment for accommodation.

The Modernised Accommodation Offer, previously known as the New Accommodation Offer, was announced on 19 September 2023 and was designed collaboratively with the single Services. Lessons have been implemented from the FAM pilot and research undertaken with Service personnel and families.

The MAO will improve the standard of Single Living Accommodation (SLA), retain the SLA waivers, and extend them to those newly entitled Service personnel who maintain a main home beyond a reasonable daily commute from their assigned location no matter age, service or relationship status.

The MAO will also provide further support for Service personnel becoming first time buyers, refunding up to £1,500 of their legal expenses.

Defence is still committed to widening entitlement to those in established long term relationships and parents with non-resident children, but we have listened to feedback and are therefore pausing the rollout of the elements of the policy related to SFA, including the move to needs based allocation and in the short term the widening of entitlement.

A new launch date for the Offer will be confirmed in due course.